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Grant Cardone Liar

Grant Cardone is Lying to You

Anyone who claims they can 10x your business by going to their pitchfest in Vegas or listening to their audiobook is full of shit.

You’ll see 10x on all of Grant’s marketing materials, along with videos of a fantasy lifestyle designed to get desperate people on the hook.

What you won’t see are real stories or case studies of how he actually helps his clients.

He’s a magical beans guy, and when you spot magic beans, you’d better run.

That’s someone who's trying to separate you from your money and doesn’t care about your results.

Grant isn’t the only phony who sells a lifestyle instead of actual results.

The internet is full of scammy coaches and trainers who pretend that taking videos with rented Lambos and hired models have nothing to do with bringing real results to real people.

There’s also no lack of grandiose claims from these guys.

Be cautious about this stuff.

Are they selling some superficial dream, or are they selling real methods (backed by references) that can help you achieve sustainable growth?

Always look for the latter.

Let’s take a look at how to spot these snake oil salesmen, why following their unrealistic claims sets you up for failure, and what actual sustainable growth looks like. 

Pay Attention to What People are Selling and How

Grant will hit you with talk about success, closing deals, personal development, and give you antiquated sales advice. 

But once he has your attention, what he’s really pitching is his real estate investment scheme.

Right now, he's focused on owning real estate, and that’s all he cares about. 

And nowhere along this journey is he talking about real results for your business. 

He sells his magic beans by showing himself on the tarmac with a jet behind him and all sorts of other nonsense.

It’s a clear tactic to get you excited about building some fantasy life for yourself - but no substance to it will help you make more sales.

The messaging is all about him, him, him, and how cool he is instead of focusing on how he can actually help you.

If someone can’t show you case studies or real references of people who have seen results through a program, get the hell out of dodge.

You’re in the business of helping people, don’t get fooled by someone selling a lifestyle instead of results.

Their Character isn’t in Alignment with Yours

Cardone is a huckster and a used car salesman.

That is literally where he made his bones. 

There’s nothing wrong with car dealers, in theory, but they generally have a bad reputation.

Not without merit, though, in many cases, right? 

All you need to do is spend a little bit of time online to see their true character.

There's this great video with Grant and Gary Vaynerchuck, who couldn’t be more different from one another.

Gary visits Cardone’s office; Grant and his sales guys are proud to get a cease and desist letter from a dealership.

And Gary points out, “hey, that's not a good thing.” As any reasonable person might!.

Do you want to be the kind of company that gets cease and desist letters? 

Of course, you don't.

Would you take advice from someone who celebrates this kind of behavior?

Of course not.

Do your research before you give too much of your attention to these internet celebrities.

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them. 

Chasing Unrealistic Targets Will Set You Up for Failure

I bring these examples up because you need to be wary of outlandish claims and how these Youtube coaches blind you to what real growth looks like.

We’re already faced with unrealistic goals online every day.

We see the best 1% of people’s lives on Instagram, which leads us to think we must be failing somehow.

You don’t need to bring that garbage into your business.

You need to recognize that 10x growth overnight is scarce, especially for an established business.

And when you shoot at these crazy targets, you start taking unsustainable actions and making risky choices to chase a mythical goal that doesn’t exist.

It would help if you were more reasonable. 

Something like 2-3x is much more attainable, and if that goes faster than expected, try 2-3x again.

Any true Founder is ecstatic when they double or triple their business every year.

Which can turn into 10x in a little over 3 years.

This is a much more sustainable way to approach your growth.

Once you accept this, the real work can begin.

To triple every year, you need to take action.

It's one thing to watch videos, read books, and go to conferences with a bunch of ra-ra pitchmen promising you the next great business breakthrough.

But it doesn't mean anything if you don't actually apply it to your business. 

Success requires you to put attention on your business where it’s needed.

If you have a sales problem, that's where your attention should be. 

If you have a product delivery problem, tackle it. 

If you've got a marketing problem, focus on that.

The challenge as a small business owner is that your attention is being drawn everywhere at once. 

And so, it's even more important to guard yourself against the distractions of charlatans, snake oil doctors, and used-car salespeople. 

Sustainable Growth Comes from a Repeatable System

At REVteam, we’re happy to be the 3x Team.


Because, in reality, 3x per year is impressive growth, but you can actually achieve it in a short period of time.

And we have real stories of real people who have 15x'ed their revenue in 3 years with our help.

We aren’t selling a fantasy; we’re selling results.

And we actually take action to get you where you want to go.

Don’t waste any more time on the Grant Cardones of the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training programs that lead to sustainable growth for your business, it’s time to start taking action to improve your selling system.