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Ability to Scale

The Ability to Scale podcast & blog helps founders learn how to create sales systems, generate sales leads, automate sales processes, and delegate to sales teams.

Startups for the rest of us

Making cold email work with Rob from Startups for the Rest of Us


Damian on Startups for the rest of us with Rob.

On today’s episode, Rob chats with Damian Thompson, co-founder of LeadFuze. He’s also the founder of REVteam. They talk about if and when to hire a sales team, the kinds of cold email outreach campaigns that are working well today, the sales stack, and much more.

The topics covered

  • 5:43 Should a bootstrapper hire a Sales Development Rep (SDR)?
  • 9:16 Assuming you understand your market, what kind of cold emails work today?
  • 12:56 The formula to use for B2B cold email
  • 14:37 Risks of bootstrappers hiring sales reps too quickly
  • 17:19 Rule of thumb for hiring sales reps in 2020
  • 21:29 Defining SDR (Sales Development Rep) and BDR (Business Development Rep)
  • 24:47 What’s the bare minimum for a sales stack
  • 36:42 The real challenge with outbound sales