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The Ability to Scale podcast & blog helps founders learn how to create sales systems, generate sales leads, automate sales processes, and delegate to sales teams.

Customer Success Story: LeadFuze

“I think overall, the increase in conversion rate was about 60%, so a significant jump there and now we're talking even more leads coming in.” - Justin McGill


  • 660% increase in conversion rates

  • Selected and trained new sales team.

  A growth in lead results from inbound marketing

  • Better close rates
  • Shorter sales cycle


How REVteam helped LeadFuze


  • Continual education and actionable advice
  • In-person assistance in building a trained sales team
  • Put expert knowledge into effect in-house to increase conversion rates
  • Freed up more time for the business to focus on inbound marketing


Here’s Justin’s experience of working with REVteam, in his own words…


Tell us about your company


I run LeadFuze, which is a B2B sales prospecting tool and it automates lead discovery for sales reps.


What specific problem were you looking to solve, that led you to discover REVteam?


I think I've always been self-taught, so I would read a lot of books, and, obviously being the founder of a company, had real life experience, but I wanted somebody that really knew what they were talking about.

I wanted someone who could show me where I was weak in certain areas, gave me new things to think about, new things to work on to continue to improve. So that's what first led me to REVteam.


What were the pain points of not having a solution to this problem?


I wanted to certainly take things to the next level. I wanted to get more aggressive as well, and work on bigger deals.

A lot of my experience was on smaller deals, directly with founders. There weren't multiple levels of management that I had to go through and so I wanted to work with Damian in particular, just to start increasing that deal size.


What was it like working with Damian?


I actually went through his training and was a part of that for almost a year. And in each call, there were new things that he was teaching me.

I value when I can learn something from somebody and have that continue on for that length of time.

With LeadFuze, I got to a point where I wanted to start bringing on more sales people, scale beyond myself and so I had him come into the business and help me build up the sales team.

It was really impressive, we hired a group of three sales reps initially. Through that experience, I got to watch him train actual sales reps and he’s just one of the best trainers I've seen.

It was really phenomenal. I remember, I would sit in the other room and just listen in and just his approach was very direct, so it was really impressive, but that was, no doubt, one of the better experiences I've had as an entrepreneur, quite frankly.


When did you realize working with REVteam was producing results?


I think it probably goes back to the actual training, realizing that he really knew what he was talking about.

That's what made me feel comfortable even moving forward.

I think when we did move forward and I saw the execution ... because it's one thing ... a lot of these coaches, they can talk a big game but actually, rolling up their sleeves and getting things done? That was something I didn't know how that was going to work out.

So, when he came in, started training the team, there was no doubt. That was definitely the moment I was like “okay, this is definitely where he needs to be.”


What were the big wins have you achieved by working with REVteam?


So, obviously direct with close rates and everything else improving with new trials coming in.

I think what it also allowed us to do is increase our inbound leads, and that's because I was able to focus more on the inbound marketing, knowing that our outbound sales efforts were taken care of. So, there were really double the benefits.

We did shorten the sales cycle, generally to about seven days and so, that actually led us to offering more of a seven day trial, as well.

I think overall, the increase in conversion rate was about 60%, so a significant jump there as well and now we're talking even more leads coming in.


What would you say to someone thinking of working with REVteam?


I think, naturally when it comes to making a decision like this, price is probably a big factor for people.

I think for me, that was well worth it at the end of the day.

What's nice about what he's got going on now is that there's an opportunity to get in for lesser risk.

You can start off just using up a certain amount of time or certain responsibilities and then expand from there.