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REVteam is on a mission to scale 100 Startups this decade from $1M ARR to $20M+

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, but simple ain't easy!

Our aim is to FIX a broken sales & marketing system for an entire industry globally.

REVteam is on a mission to scale 100 Startups this decade from $1M ARR to $20M+ . They nailed it; we’ll scale it.

Help B2B Founders scale from $1M ARR to $20Million ARR building Remote Revenue Teams (#LeadGen #Sales #Success #RevOps) achieved product-market fit & want to reach scale. They focus on product & we’ll focus on scaling revenue.

REVguild helps people change their lives, allowing them to avoid wasting years & crippling debt to a broken education system & launch careers in the most exciting & lucrative Industry in the world.

We are launching a community to help people change their lives by changing their careers.

Community. Coaching. Careers. Courses.

We help companies scale not just to make the "bell ring" for founders, but because real growth impacts markets and employs thousands of people.

That's serious shit, we take it seriously.

Revenue growth is the most important function in a business,
treat it so.

Our Values


We're great at what we do & we know it.

We aren't perfect, and we all make mistakes. Own it, learn from it, & do better.

"I don't know but I'll find out" is always the best answer if it's the truth. 


Success is not a "numbers game," it's a profession, so be a fucking Pro.

Don't wait for it to happen, make it happen.



Focus on delivering GREAT results.

Win/Win isn't a catchy slogan, it is the entire basis of our business. No long-term contracts, no bullshit lock-ins, or aggressive retention tactics.

We either deliver an awesome result or we get fired.

100% Remote


Chris Malson
Chris Malson


Kiersten Thompson
Kiersten Thompson

Talent Scout

Jeff Pecaro
Jeff Pecaro

Chief Copy Pro



I spent 15 years immersed in the competitive world of enterprise software sales leadership, a career spanning multiple continents and being "first on the ground" building new teams for firms like McAfee, Symantec, and Trend Micro.

11 years ago, I "burned the suit & tie" & started working with this new bootstrapped/location independent software builders movement. Helping Developers/Engineers learn that it took more than just great lines of code. Luckily being at the forefront of the transition to Remote Teams for years, I've had a decade of legitimate experience building remote sales teams pre-pandemic.


A perpetual learner in designing, recruiting, and training sales/marketing teams, I used these skills to act as a "fractional VPSales" for the past few years helping B2B founders scale to new heights. Helping turn them from proven six-figure ideas into eight/nine-figure businesses.


An expert in building and training sales teams, Damian has stepped out of sales training to focus his energies exclusively on helping SaaS companies build world-class sales teams to turn them from proven six-figure ideas into eight/nine-figure businesses.

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