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About REVteam

We're on a mission to scale 100 startups from $100k to $1M MRR and beyond.

REVteam is a sales consultancy for software companies founded by Damian Thompson in 2015 to help ambitious founders build smarter, more effective revenue teams. Formerly known as Salesability, we help founders who want to step out of the sales role in their businesses hire great sales, marketing, and customer success pros, train them the right way, and coach them to deliver great results. Building a successful sales team is a lot of work and a specific skill set many entrepreneurs struggle to master while focusing on building a great business. 

We believe a great revenue team is the backbone of every successful software business, and we’re here to help you scale. There are no sales and marketing teams anymore (or at least there shouldn’t be…) - just product and revenue. To paraphrase Peter Drucker, you focus on making amazing products, and we build an amazing team to sell the products for you. We train your lead generation team to attract attention, your sales team to turn that interest into a dollar, and customer success to turn that dollar into hundreds of dollars over time. 

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If you’ve hired for sales unsuccessfully in the past and are ready to accelerate your growth dramatically, we’ll have a team onboarded for you and ready to go in just 90 days.

the team

Damian Thompson
Damian Thompson

CEO / Founder

Damian has spent three decades immersed in the cutthroat world of enterprise software sales, with a career spanning multiple continents and industry legends like McAfee Antivirus and Trend Micro. He’s helped dozens of companies scale their sales, including taking a recent client from a million to $15 million in annual sales over the last two years. 

An expert in building and training sales teams, Damian has stepped out of sales training to focus his energies exclusively on helping SaaS companies build world-class sales teams to turn them from proven six-figure ideas into seven-figure businesses. Damian’s been at the forefront of the transition to Remote Revenue Teams for years; he is the rare expert who can claim he had years of legitimate experience building remote sales teams pre-pandemic. 

When he’s not helping software upstarts surge to seven or eight figures of revenue, Damian enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and kids, as well as window shopping for boats and indulging his lifelong dream of becoming a DJ for high school dances.

Stewart Townsend
Stewart Townsend

Director Operations / Channel Sales Specialist

Stewart started in the corporate world generating channel sales during his time at Sun Microsystems and Oracle but grew into building out indirect sales teams for amazing companies like Zendesk. Having been on both sides of the corporate/startup divide, he has the experience to bring the best of both worlds to our clients. Stewart has developed a model that targets indirect partners to accelerate growth without losing the focus on customer success that reduces churn and enables upsells. 

When he’s not using his expertise to support some of the coolest SaaS companies around, he likes to indulge in his passion for purchasing kitschy flowery shirts, leading to meetings with everyone from The Fonz to multiple Prime Ministers and Mark Zuckerberg. He also enjoys using his knack for partnerships to bring car enthusiasts together for local charity events throughout the year.

Ian Tutton
Ian Tutton

Director of Revenue Operations & Systems

Ian has spent the last 5 years living and working in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, helping numerous startups in both the B2B and B2C landscape, focusing primarily on remote operations and systems. Prior to Mexico, Ian worked in the corporate landscape in Vancouver, Canada as a sales leader, trainer, and manager, enjoying his role in a business unit that generated over a billion dollars in revenue per year. 

When not immersed in the SaaS startup world of CRMs, tech stacks, and integration, Ian likes to spend his time at the beach or pool, playing rugby, tennis and watching his 7-year-old daughter crushing ballet. 

The REVteam Mission


Too many software founders hate sales. Just because you don’t want to do it yourself doesn’t mean it won’t dramatically accelerate the growth of your business. You wouldn’t drive on a flat tire because you don’t want to get greasy, and you shouldn’t leave the success of your software to chance because you don’t like sales calls. 

“Selling” isn’t a dirty word - it’s a repeatable process to connect your software with businesses willing to spend five or six figures on the product you’ve poured your heart into and help you reach your most aggressive goals. 

We want to show bootstrapped SaaS founders that a great sales process can transform their business and that a great sales team is within their reach - it just takes a few months of expert help. If you’re making software that can make your customers' lives easier, happier, and more profitable, why wouldn’t you want to tell the world about it? 

If this sounds like you, or you just want to get another pair of eyes on your sales process, then let's set up a call. We can’t wait to learn more about what you’re building.